"Studio Sur La Lune" is a game studio that merges both Western and Eastern ascetics.

Based in France, with contribution from Japan-culture lovers, we aim at creating the most immersive experiences for our users. Our French name reflects our origin. The literal translation is a studio located "on the Moon", which is a French expression used to describe people with uncensored imagination and creativity.

Our goal is to create experiences to let users dive in new imaginary worlds. Our first app (Koi Atsume) has been recently released on the new Apple TV (as of December 2015) and will soon be available on all iOS devices.

We are a small team of experienced engineers. Our veteran developers have been working for a decade in the field of AAA console games (PS4, XB1, PS Vita, X360, PS3). This "savoir-faire" enables us to create the most mesmerizing and fun experience on modern devices. We publish apps on mobile devices but also on home television boxes.